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Gift certificates and general-use prepaid cards do not escheat to the state.If a gift certificate is redeemable for cash or merchandise, its value shall be.Creates the crime of criminal practices with an access device, including a gift card.A written notice of such policy and practice shall be posted conspicuously by July 1, 2006, in not smaller than 10-point type, at each site in all Nebraska locations at which the issuer distributes or redeems a gift certificate or gift card.The provisions of this chapter do not apply to any gift certificate or closed-loop prepaid card that has no expiration date and that is not subject to a dormancy, inactivity, or service fee.Gift certificates that are redeemable in merchandise only shall be reportable at a rate equal to 60 percent of their respective face value.The Terms of Proper Coupon Redemption explains the terms and. 30 days after expiration of the coupons. to be misredeemed to law.The provisions of this clause shall not apply to a qualified gift certificate.The following property held or owing by a business association is presumed abandoned and unclaimed: The consideration paid for a gift certificate or gift card which has remained unredeemed for two years or more after its redemption period has expired or for five years or more from the date of issuance if no redemption period is specified.

In addition, a gift certificate may have an expiration date if it is provided as part of a larger package related to a convention, conference, vacation, or sporting or fine arts event having a limited duration so long as the majority of the value paid by the recipient is attributable to the convention, conference, vacation, or event.Information Regarding Controlled Substances. The Texas State Board of Pharmacy is the state agency responsible for the licensing.General-use prepaid card means a plastic card or other electronic payment device usable with multiple, unaffiliated sellers of goods or services.Any gift certificate or electronic gift card bearing an expiration date and remaining unredeemed or dormant for more than three years after the gift certificate or electronic gift card was sold is deemed abandoned.

The state treasurer shall reimburse the owner the full face value.You may be confusing this with a California law that says it is illegal to assign an expir.Recently a woman from Texas was arrested after police. that is also against the law.A person engaged in the retail sale of goods or services shall not sell a gift certificate to a consumer that expires within a period of less than five years.

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Amends the law on sales terms and finance companies for purposes of defining what constitutes a gift card or gift certificate and its validity.A loyalty, award, or promotional gift certificate shall clearly and legibly set forth the following disclosures, as applicable: (2) The expiration date for both the paid value of the gift certificate, if any, and the promotional value of the gift certificate, if any, which shall be included on the front of the gift certificate.Reverses certain changes to laws governing state treatment of unclaimed property for gift certificates and stored value cards.On or after Jan. 1, 2008, no person shall sell a gift certificate that is subject to an expiration date earlier than five years after the date of issuance.

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Regulations loyalty, award, or promotional gift certificates.Terms of Sale. to comply with applicable law or to respond to a case of misrepresentation,.

To that end, the legislature intends that chapter 168, Laws of 2004 should be liberally construed to benefit consumers and that any ambiguities should be resolved by applying the uniform unclaimed property act to the intangible property in question.Certificates issued for food, products, goods or services are not subject to escheat provisions.

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Prohibits dormancy fees, latency fees, issuance fees, redemption fees, or any other administrative fees or service charges in connection with a gift certificate.

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Gift certificates purchased after 1997 are not subject to escheat.The measure applies to gift certificates issued on or after Jan. 1, 2017.

Expiration date must be conspicuously disclosed to purchaser as specified.This term includes, but is not limited to a tangible card, an electronic card or similar instrument that contains a microprocessor chip, magnetic strip, or other data storage medium.Prohibits any fees charged less than two years after issuance.No gift card initial issue or activation fee, inactivity fee or maintenance fee with respect to a gift card shall be charged.All gift certificates remitted to the state prior to Jan. 1, 1998, and gift certificates that are properly determined to be reportable in any compliance audits initiated prior to Jan. 1, 1998 and subsequently remitted, shall remain in the custody of the state unless and until returned to the owner.

A prefunded bank card, three years after December 31st of the year in which the obligation or the most recent activity involving the prefunded bank card occurred, whichever is later, including the initial issuance and any subsequent addition of value to the prefunded bank card.In no case shall the underlying funds associated with a gift certificate or gift card expire within the 24 months immediately following the date of sale.This exemption does not apply to a gift card usable only with affiliated sellers of goods or services.Even in an at-will employment context, a non compete agreement is enforceable in Texas.A 1996 law bans people convicted of even a misdemeanor-level domestic. because of the Air Force expire.A purchaser or holder of a gift certificate which, by its terms, prohibits the purchaser or holder from adding value thereto and which has been redeemed for at least 90 percent of its face value shall make an election to receive the balance in cash or continue using the gift certificate.Prohibits service fees, including for dormancy or inactivity.

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